Pronovias Outlet

Pronovias is a well-established international brand chosen by brides from across the globe for their special day. Pronovias aim to make brides sparkle and their designs certainly do just that. Using sumptuous fabrics and sophisticated lines, Pronovias design never to be repeated unique wedding pieces.

With an expanding design team Pronovias have been pioneering collaborations of late with world-renowned designers.

But their spectacular designs are made with a simplicity in mind; comfortable gowns which flatter the figure and captivate with the smallest of details.

Pronovias is a significant brand for the fashionable bride. Their wedding dresses range from the glamorously classic, to romantic and bold styles, all capturing the spirit of the modern woman.

If you’d like to see our collection and try on a Pronovias gown, please call us on 01384 291600 to arrange a convenient appointment time.

Our collection of Pronovias dresses are ex-sample gowns or discontinued gowns which means we have lowered their price and they are to buy off-the-peg.