Bridesmaid Dresses

4 Steps to Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses

A huge aspect of many weddings is presentation; how everything will look once it is put in place. And although the bride should be the star of the show, she still needs her bridesmaids standing behind her, confident and stylish.

Choosing your bridesmaids dresses can be a difficult task, especially when they are a mixed group of people, all with their own style. But it is possible to please everyone, as long as you follow these steps:

Do Your Research

Look online for inspiration on how you would like to organise your bridesmaid style. Traditional weddings most often ask their bridesmaids to wear identical dresses for sophistication and uniformity. Whereas, modern weddings tend to opt for similar dresses, all with their own twists.

More creatively, brides have been dressing their bridesmaids in various shades of the same colour or the same colour but in different dress styles. Therefore, there is still consistency and sophistication, but each bridesmaid can shine in their own way, in a dress that flatters their body and individual style.

Stay Within Budget

A lot of bridesmaids will already know that they will be expected to pay for their own bridesmaid dress. Therefore, when shopping keep in mind their lifestyles and what their realistic budget will be, so that there is no extra pressure.

Body Shape

Also, because they are paying for their own dress, help make it something they will cherish forever and possibly wear again.

Consider your wedding theme and the styles you are looking for at your wedding, but then ask them to add their own personal touch. For example, shortening or lengthening the dress or adding a more flattering neckline are popular choices. This will provide your bridesmaids with a dress they can feel confident in, while still sticking to your wedding’s theme and looking the part.


After finding the right dresses, it’s now time to find the right accessories to complement their outfits and hairdos. There is a lot to consider, such as which jewellery will you choose? Sandals or heels? Sashes or hairbands?

It is also just as important to find the appropriate lingerie to flatter each dress, including shapewear and the right style of bra.

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