Georgina Scott Bridal Host the Most Exclusive Couture Event: The Essense of Australia and Martina Liana ‘Tester Day’

The highly coveted event for many brides this year was the exclusive couture Tester Day featuring captivating bespoke bridal gowns, by the celebrated designer labels The Essense of Australia and Martina Liana. Held just last weekend on the 7th November, the anticipated event was hosted in our bridal boutique, as the only place in the country to be asked to participate in this valuable opportunity for both brides and the designers.

The Tester Day offered our brides-to-be the chance to try on completely unique prototypes of the designers’ dresses, made purely for their planned 2016 and 2017 ranges. Not only did this exciting and special day allow the girls to wear bespoke, hand-crafted and beautiful designer pieces not yet available, they were able to give feedback on the designs and have input in the overall design process.

Both international fashion houses, The Essense of Australia and Martina Liana, combine luxurious fabrics with couture finishing, for truly elegant bridal gowns which inspire awe at the wedding occasion. Their painstaking attention to detail and emphasis on giving brides exquisite design, sets their signature dresses apart from many other designer labels and makes for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Georgina Scott Bridal team have had close contact with the designers’ creative teams in the US, looking at what’s happening in the industry and what’s set to change the way bridal wear is designed. Only a handful other bridal retailers in America and Europe were selected by the designers to host their auspicious event, set up to make their designs more relevant to today’s brides and match their needs. We were chosen for this exclusive Tester Day because of our eclectic mix of brides and our high standards of service for them, but also because we keep at the forefront of industry fashion.

We opened our store on both the Saturday and Sunday, so that more brides could get the opportunity to take part in this exciting event. The girls who participated had the opportunity to comment on the one-off dresses and help to evolve them. As a host we’ll be able to forward these recommendations to the design houses, for the girls to get the tweaked designs made into completely bespoke dresses for their weddings!

Most importantly, the event gave real life brides the chance to influence the upcoming trends into more wearable and personal designs, which address what brides really want from their wedding gowns and how they can make the most memorable occasion. For us, the Tester Day highlighted that we are valued as a bridal store for the honesty with which we connect with our brides and in the feedback with give to the designers. We let our girls know what looks good or what would better suit them, and the designers appreciated our truthful and constructive feedback, that will enable them to enhance their future designs for a more wearable and stunning display.

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