What Material Shall I Choose For My Wedding Dress?

There are so many elements to consider when choosing your perfect wedding dress. From the cut and colour, to the style and finer embellishments, everything needs to be just right to make you feel as special as you should on such an important occasion. And the fabric you choose is no different – it needs to give you the right level of comfort, drape just so to enhance your best assets and give bridal look that wow-factor that will make everyone smile.

Luckily, there are many fabrics available which can be designed and styled to form your ideal gown. But if you find yourself stuck for choice here’s a little guide to the fabric types and how to choose a fabric perfect for you:

The fabric types

The fit and feel of your wedding dress fabric will depend upon whether it’s a woven or knitted material. Woven fabrics are generally smooth, structured and do not stretch so easily unless blended with a synthetic material. A fabric with knitted fibres will have more stretch; it will be soft and drape.

Fabrics made from natural materials such as silk, usually breathe better, however they may give you an imperfect finish, they may wrinkle more easily and be more costly, which is why they are sometimes blended with synthetics. From here you’ll be able to determine the type of finish you want:


Satin is one of the most widely used bridal dress fabrics, known for its smooth finish and durability. It’s generally a thicker fabric which makes it supportive and great for use in more structured dresses. Satin gowns you’ll find in bridal shops will most likely be of silk, however it’s a very versatile fabric that can be simply draped, or ruched opulently.


Lace is an open weave fabric that has become a staple for wedding dresses of all shapes and sizes. You’ll most likely find lace as a decorative feature or overlay to add interest to a gown. There are plenty of different styles, such as Chantilly and Venise, which come with their different characters and charms depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.


Chiffon is a delicate and finely woven fabric that’s extremely light. It’s a sheer fabric which makes it popular for illusion detailing, though it can also be layered up and overlaid on a more heavy-duty fabric for decorative effect. Be careful however as chiffon tends to snag and pull easily and tear.


If you’d like your wedding dress fabric to have some luxuriousness to it, charmeuse is a light and slinky fabric that has a great sheen. This makes it ideal for draping and revealing the figure.


Organza is similar to chiffon in that it is delicate, sheer and lightweight, however it is stiffer and can be used to build more structured wedding gowns. Again, be wary if you’ll be wearing jewellery as it could snag the fabric.


Tulle is another lovely sheer fabric for an ethereal look, but it’s less finely woven than chiffon and organza, with more of a mesh effect. Tulle is often used in ball gown style wedding dresses and ruched to add structure.

Which fabric suits me best?

For brides wanting to show off their figure, lighter and slinkier fabrics like silk are ideal as they can cling to the frame. Heavier fabrics, including satin and lace, are more forgiving, however it’s a good idea to try out different fabrics when shopping for your gown and seeing how it moves and fits you. Always check the quality of the fabric, its weight and structure and look for dresses using fabrics that you’ll feel comfortable and happy in on the big day.

If you’d like advice about choosing the right fabric for your wedding dress or you need help finding your perfect match, why not speak to our friendly team and see what we can do for you? Feel free to pop into one of our stores near you, or call the Georgina Scott Bridal boutique on 01384 893656.