What to consider when you start wedding dress shopping

If you’re lucky enough to be engaged, you’ll know the sheer number of things you need to think about when you start to plan your wedding. One of the most exciting tasks that should be at the top of your to do list is to find the perfect wedding dress – and what better time to start your search than Marriage Week which runs from the 7th to the 14th February?

marriage week
Even before you got engaged, you may have been imagining what the wedding dress shopping process will be. Where will you go? Who will go with you? And what kind of style do you think you might go for? Well, fear not, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to think about.

1. Set your budget

Once you’ve planned your wedding budget, you’ll need to decide what portion of that to spend on your dress. Don’t forget to include accessory items such as a veil, shoes, hair accessories and alterations as these are not normally include the cost of your gown.

wedding dress shopping

2. Pick out some inspiration

You might not know what kind of wedding dress style you like, so finding some photos of styles you like can help you in your mission. Wedding magazines and websites like Pinterest are fantastic place for wedding inspiration, from gowns and head pieces to flowers and venue ideas. Don’t forget to take your ideas when you have your wedding dress appointments!d2352-4new

3. Make a list of wedding dress boutiques to visit

Finding out what wedding dress shops are in your local area is a great place to start your search. Unlike most retailers, wedding boutiques normally require you to make an appointment, so don’t forget to ring them and book in before you visit. While it can be tempting to only visit the boutiques that stock the designers you like the look of, you might be pleasantly surprised by trying on something you hadn’t considered.

4. Make sure you go shopping in good time

When you shop for a wedding dress you need to plan much further ahead. This is because wedding dresses are often very ornate with lots of intricate detailing and specialist fabrics and can take many months to make. Leaving your shopping expedition could mean that you miss out on your dream dress – so get arranging those appointments as soon as you can!


5. Think about the customer service you want

The dress and boutique go hand in hand so when choosing your wedding gown remember it isn’t a one visit event, you will revisit the boutique time and time again during the period leading up to your wedding. At Georgina Scott Bridal we pride ourselves on impeccable customer service and strive to make everyone feel comfortable within the boutique as entering a bridal boutique can be a daunting prospect.
If you are in search of the perfect wedding dress, please call us to book an appointment on 01384 892656. Every bride has a dedicated team member to help them choose ‘the one’.