Meet the Team!

Get to know a little about our wonderful team and get to know the lovely faces you will see in our Stourbridge & Kingswinford Boutiques.


Has always made wedding dresses from an early age for both family and friends and has a keen love of bridal. She has a degree in design which she finds invaluable when choosing the next seasons gowns. She always maintains there is no better feeling than knowing you are helping people achieve their dream wedding and easing their journey into married life. In her spare time she enjoys time with the family and friends.

“For me, there is no better feeling than knowing you are helping people achieve their dream wedding and easing their journey into married life, which as we know can be a stressful time for some people. But here at GSB we have the best team around who know all there is to know about bridal and we know how to turn what can be a stressful time, into an enjoyable and fun one! Personally i love nothing more than being in an industry where we meet the loveliest people and make the most wonderful friends. It really is the happiest and most heartwarming place to be”



Abi has become a valuable member of the team and has a special flare for styling brides and uses her experience as a fashion design graduate to vision the best shape and style to compliment any bride, any shape and any size.

You’ll find Abi styling our brides in their appointments or in the seamstress department.

“I started at Georgina Scott Bridal in 2016 when i applied for work experience whilst completing a fashion degree at Birmingham University, where i specialised in bridal wear for my final year. Once my degree was over i decided to stay, as bridal is what i am the most passionate about, and i just love working here! I work on the shop floor, helping brides to find their perfect dress, but i also use my design and seamstress skills in the busy seamstress department where we make alterations to the dresses and create couture designs”


Carol is one of our newest team members but has fitted in perfectly with her warm nature and dedication to her work. It feels like she’s always been here! Her attention to detail makes her a valuable member of our team.

You’ll find Carol on the shop floor welcoming our brides with a warm smile and styling our brides in their appointments, at both our stores; Georgina Scott Bridal and at Kingswinford Bridal & Prom.



Diane loves to be busy and will put her hand to anything she can! Her calming and mothering nature comes in very useful when we have brides who are a little nervous or anxious about trying on dresses.

You’ll find Diane on the shop floor, readily available to greet our brides with a welcoming smile and a helping hand. You’ll also find her down in the prepping department ensuring our bride’s dresses are prepped and perfect before they take them away ready for their big day!

“I have extensive experience in retail and have now settled in my dream environment of bridal. I love helping each bride throughout their bridal journey and building a relationship with them. It’s lovely to know that each bride who walks through our door is a potential new friend” 


Heather has become an integral part of the GSB team, bringing her vast seamstress knowledge along with the ability to create bespoke couture designs, so every bride has the opportunity to have their perfect dress.

You’ll find Heather down in the seamstress department creating something amazing from scratch or working on alterations. As one of our talented seamstresses she will also be in the fitting appointments with our brides.

“I have been a seamstress for many years starting from an early age and working in bridal has always been my passion. To be a part of the bride’s special day is so rewarding, whether the bride is having just alterations to her gown or a couture gown made by us.  I will be there every step of the way to make sure the dress will be the perfect fit for the big day. As head seamstress at Georgina Scott Bridal, you will find me doing everything from the smallest alterations to dresses to making couture dresses from scratch”


Jane originally only came to help us out for a few days and 7 years later…she’s still here! She works up in the office, behind the scenes, making sure all the accounts and paperwork are in ship shape. She definitely creates a fun atmosphere and always has a witty comment or joke to keep us laughing!

You’ll find Jane up in the office, keeping everyone under control while making them laugh uncontrollably!


Julie is one of our seamstresses and has been with us since the dawn of time! She is a jack of all trades and a master at all of them! She keeps the girls laughing with her quick whit and cheeky sense of humour and is loved by everyone who she comes across, due to her down to earth nature.

You’ll find Julie in the seamstress department helping with alterations on wedding dresses and gent’s suits.

“I have been a part of the Georgina Scott Bridal team for over 10 years, taking on a few roles in the boutique. As a trained and experienced florist, i am good with my hands and love to be creative and make things. Which is probably why i’ve now found my calling in the seamstress department! I have a hand in altering dresses, as well as tailoring the suits for the gent’s department. Over the 10+ years of working here, i have met many couples and heard many love stories, and look forward to hearing many many more!”



Kathy loves everyone who she comes into contact with and you can’t fail to be taken in by her infectious positivity. She loves a lengthy chat and a cuppa and has been lovingly nicknamed as ‘Auntie Kathy’ by all the girls, due to her mothering nature.

You’ll find Kathy at Georgina Scott Bridal, on the shop floor greeting our brides with the biggest smile and showing a loving interest in everybody’s stories.

“I’m always happy to help anyone with anything and i just love meeting new people and getting to know them. I love to make our brides feel beautiful when they are trying on wedding dresses and getting to know all about them and their stories. I bring lots of fun to Georgina Scott and i make sure our brides are having the best time. In fact, i often get invited to our bride’s hen parties! We really do meet the most wonderful people and it makes this job the best job in the world”


Lucy has been with us for a while now and originally began doing the bespoke wedding stationery for us. But now she has become more hands-on in the office whilst also doing all of the website and advertising work. So chances are if you message us or call us, it’ll be Lucy who answers you!

You’ll find Lucy up in the office at Georgina Scott Bridal, answering the phones, messages and getting creative!!

“I have been with GSB since 2013 and can not imagine working anywhere else! I began designing and creating the stationery for the ‘Your Perfect Setting’ side of the company which was so much fun over the years. I love seeing people’s imaginative ideas and themes for their weddings and it’s always an excitable challenge to bring them to life. Now i love bringing my design skills to the website and advertising side of the business. It’s great to see something you have designed and made out there for the public to see!”


Sarah knows everything there is to know about bridal after all her experience in the industry so you will certainly be in safe hands if you get her as your personal consultant. Her sweet and loving nature shines through every time you come into contact with her, and is loved by everyone she meets.

You’ll find Sarah on the shop floor at our Kingswinford branch greeting you with the loveliest smile as you walk through the door.

“I have worked as a bridal consultant for over 17 years and I get so much pleasure in bringing the whole story of a couples wedding day together; helping to choose bridesmaids dresses, accessories, mother of bride/groom outfits etc. We meet the loveliest people in our line of work, and it’s an absolute joy helping them to achieve their wedding dreams”

Very Important Mentions…


Georgina is the ‘Georgina’ of Georgina Scott Bridal and has been a part of the company from the get-go but since finishing University and gaining a fabulous degree in costume and corset making, she has since moved into the TV and film industry in the costume and styling department and has worked on some very famous and popular shows!

“I absolutely love the bridal industry! I have bridal in my bones! I have always been interested in bridal and fashion in general, and have a degree in costume and corset making from Bournemouth Arts University. I now work on TV and films in the costume and styling departments, along with helping out at Georgina Scott Bridal when i have any spare time. My favourite part is meeting so many different couples and hearing their stories. And of course, making a bride’s dream come true. I love hearing about their dream dresses from when they were girls, and helping them to achieve their dream”


Joyce worked for us for many many years until she sadly retired at the end of 2018. She was the biggest character and her laugh could be heard for miles! A laugh which was infectious and filled everyone with joy. There was nothing she didn’t know about bridal and she was truly loved by everyone who stepped through the door.

“Oh what can i say?! I had the biggest blast working for Georgina Scott Bridal & Kingswinford Bridal & Prom. The whole team was just lovely; i couldn’t have wished for better friends. The brides i met were just amazing and i loved every day working along side them. I’ll miss everyone so much.. but my caravan is calling me! Anyway, they know they’ll never get rid of me. So ladies, expect to see me in the shop from time to time. Lots of love xxx!


Charlotte came to work for us over the summer of 2018 to help the ladies in our busy seamstress department. At the time, she was working towards a fashion degree at Birmingham University and we were more than happy to help her and give her some experience in the bridal fashion industry. She fit in with us all so well and brought a fantastic sense of humour so we can not wait for her to come back in her spare time to give us a helping hand!

“I can honestly say it’s been the best summer working with the amazing team at Georgina Scott Bridal. I got an amazing opportunity to work with some beautiful brides and stunning dresses and i can’t wait to work with them again in the future”

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