The smallest of details can elevate a wedding dress & add that ‘wow factor’ for an ultimately unique bridal look. We believe that accessories provide these finishing touches that really bring a bridal outfit together & make our brides feel truly special on their wedding day

From individually designed headpieces to matching shoes, our stylists will help you choose accessories which showcase your personal style & make you look and feel wonderful from head to toe. Whether you prefer simple and delicate pieces or you are looking to create a statement we’d be happy to guide you through our beautiful collections. 


Like many brides you may be unsure at first about how practical a veil will be, or whether it will detract from your wedding dress. However, a beautiful bridal veil is an extension of a wedding dress which works perfectly with embellished hair pieces. A veil can create a more dramatic or traditional bridal look, and not to mention make for wonderful wedding photos.

There are lengths and styles of veils available for any bride depending on your preferences; you can make an impact with a long cathedral veil or opt for a vintage feel with a birdcage style. We have a collection of sheer, lace and embroidered veils to complement your bridal gown and accessories.

The tiara is far from an outdated piece and has made a huge comeback in modern bridal outfits. Tiaras are a classically beautiful accessory adding a touch of sparkle to a bride’s look. Whatever style you choose, a glamorous tiara can make a bride look striking, elegant and make her feel like royalty as she walks down the aisle!

We have a stunning selection of tiaras and hairpieces to suit all budgets, from delicate hair pins and combs, to vintage style clips and more traditional tiaras. Our stylists can help you choose a piece that will perfectly set off your wedding gown and make you feel truly special.


Shoes are an important part of the bridal ensemble since they can help to accentuate the wedding dress and make you feel confidently fabulous. If you are looking for a pair that flatter your dress perfectly but are comfortable to wear, then our collection of purpose made wedding shoes may be just what you need to complete your look.

We are also one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Rainbow shoes, one of the most popular wedding shoe designers on the market today.

Choose from stunning timeless designs matched with fashionable detailing to suit an array of different dress fabrics, lengths and styles. We hold a wide selection of classic shoes from designer labels and shoes which can be dyed to exactly match the colour of your gown.