The Most Common Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping for their Dream Dress

The engagement that you’ve both been dreaming of is officially on, and one of the best moments of your lives is now a not-too-far-off reality. One of the most exciting prospects for many brides to be when picturing their big day, is of course, walking down the aisle in their wedding dress. Looking the perfect part in a stunning, stand-out gown surely establishes the occasion as a special and lasting moment to be kept forever. Choosing the ultimate dress – an aspect so important on the day of the event – can be a very stressful and challenging task, and one not made any easier by the many pitfalls brides come across when they begin their search. Below are ten of the mistakes brides often make when shopping for their dream dress:

Shopping too early

Even if you have agreed on a longer engagement with your partner, it’s advisable not to start shopping for your dress more than twelve months ahead of the wedding. If you set your heart on a gown too far in advance, you’ll be left pining away and it will make waiting for your marriage day much more difficult. Some dresses however can have up to an eight month wait to come in, so don’t sit around for too long either!

Before truly shopping for your gown and in order to get a better idea of what dress would be best for you, look for a venue and location as this may affect your ideas for your overall look.

Bringing too many friends

Although you want to really confirm that you’re making the best choice, having too many friends with you with different ideas can be more stressful and make it harder to come to a final decision. Often brides will shop with their mother and perhaps their best friend or sister, so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with a lot of people watching them try on a gown, and get a truthful opinion of whether it’s best suited or not.

A big mistake is not going for the dress you love because you are swayed by the people around you. Choose the people who accompany you wisely, with companions who will support you and help you find the best choice for you as opposed to themselves.

Not being store wise

If the retailer you select isn’t authorised to sell dresses from a particular designer, you may not be purchasing an authentic gown, so check whether they’re authorised online or by calling them beforehand. The store you choose is essential when finding your ideal wedding gown to ensure you get the best value and have the best shopping experience. Although dresses may be cheaper from an online retailer or a department store, you won’t get the high quality guidance and level of service, such as tailoring or a personal assistant, you should expect for your investment.

If you have a particular dress in mind, it’s also always best to check with the store before you go to try it on whether they have the right sample in your size, otherwise it could be a wasted trip!

Trying on too many dresses

Trying on every dress you see and like won’t help you decide on the perfect choice; it will make things a lot more confusing! A wise idea is to limit how many gowns you to try on – four to seven gowns usually allow you to be sure you’re making the right choice.

Another common mistake is not purchasing your chosen dress when you find it, overwhelming yourself with other choices and forgetting about what you originally set out to find. However, if you’re stuck for choice, it is fine to go away and sleep on it, as it’s a major decision which will affect your whole wedding experience.

Not broadening your style horizons

Everyone has their own style and particular shapes and cuts they prefer, however sometimes it’s good to trust an assistant or friend and try something new. It’s very difficult to tell how a dress will look when it’s on the hanger and you could find a dress totally different to what you’re usually comfortable with, but one which will make more of an impact on your big day and inspire confidence.

Trying on dresses over your budget

Setting a budget is important before you begin the hunt for your gown, but what if you find the perfect one that’s completely out of your price range? This may be a particularly difficult decision as this is your wedding day and the one chance you may get to dress like a queen. It’s a day you will always remember and look back on with love and affection, so if you settle for second best you will have to ask yourself if you’ll always regret it.

Getting the wrong size

Bridal dresses are mostly smaller than normal clothes sizes, so try not to worry about size. If you’re planning to lose weight before your ceremony, it’s still safer to order your dress in your current size and have it altered, than not being able to fit into it and having to make more difficult changes.

Going for the discounts

You can find wonderful gowns at bargain prices and sample sales can be a great way to save money on your dream dress. However, sample dresses may have been tried on nearly hundreds of times and could have tears or other damages that you may not see on first inspection. You could end up with a cheaper dress that you’ve had to spend a lot more on getting alterations, when you could have got a new dress for a similar amount overall. Before making any purchase, you should thoroughly check the gown for anything which cannot easily be repaired or amended.

On this note, remember to set aside a budget for alterations; almost every dress will need work of some kind, whether it needs the hem taken up, more embellishment or to be taken in. It’s not just the dress that adds up either; your shoes, jewellery, hair accessories or any other pieces you need for a completed bridal look, will also need to be accounted for.

If you’re looking for a bridal gown that will make you look and feel beautiful for your wedding day, or for more advice on finding your dream dress, feel free to drop by the Georgina Scott Bridal boutique or call us on 01384 893656.