We have the most amazing announcement…

We can’t believe we are saying this…. But come October we will be official stockist of VERA WANG! Cue our excited faces!! Our girls here were all in a tizz when we found out we were chosen to have this world-renowned fashion designer in our store. Can you blame us?

Who is Vera Wang?

I mean, does she really need an introduction? If you don’t know who Vera Wang is, A. where have you been?!! And B. you’ll be thinking ‘why the excitement?’ Well, Vera Wang is a name which is extremely well known not only in the bridal industry, but in the fashion world alike. Her designs have been seen on the big and small screen – remember Carrie Bradshaw’s vogue photoshoot and Charlotte’s wedding dress in Sex and The City? Her creations have graced the the runway, and been down the wedding aisles of the rich and famous, including Ariana Grande, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian—just to name a few! Her career began at Vogue magazine until she left to join Ralph Lauren in 1987. At 40 years of age she resigned from Ralph Lauren to become an independent bridal wear designer and the rest is history. Now, just the mere mention of her name makes you think of high-end luxury fashion. Her designs are forward thinking, alluring and artisanal. But all this luxury of course comes with the price tag!….Until now. 

“I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.” – Vera Wang

Vera Wang Bride

Vera Wang Bride is a new era of bridal fashion. “The collection expresses a certain charm, sensuality, artistry and emotion, all of which belong to our DNA” says Vera Wang. In order to bring her revolutionary, high-end creations to brides all around the world, she has teamed up with another bridal fashion giant, Pronovias, … and you won’t need Mariah Carey’s bank balance! Both Vera Wang and Pronovias share a passion for fashion, quality and craftmanship, making them the best new partnership there could be in the bridal world.

“VERA WANG BRIDE IS ABOUT A GIRL WHO IS fearless AND HAS HER OWN sense of self. ” – Vera Wang

What can we expect from the upcoming collection?

Vera and her team will be hands on with the collection, designing every piece themselves. Each alluring piece will be every fashion-lovers dream, and will certainly have that special Vera Wang stamp on it. Only specially selected boutiques will have the collection available in store, making it all that extra exclusive. The dresses are all top secret at the moment, but we have been lucky enough to see them, and we can safely say, they are AMAZING!! Plus, they will be at a lower price point than the usual Vera Wang creations, which will make them attainable to all brides around the world.

“A bride should look at everything she possibly can…just so she can experiment and see what makes her really feel beautiful or glamorous or classical or whatever she desires to be on that particular day.”

Keep checking our social media for teases of the dresses and for the announcement of their arrival