Frequently asked questions

at Kingswinford Bridal and Prom

Frequently asked questions

There’s a lot of questions you will have when you are looking for your dream wedding dress or Prom gown. It’s something you may never have done before, so you will have no idea how it all works. But not to worry, we have listed all the questions below which we get asked often, so you can have a read through and put any queries at rest. If there is anything you want to ask which isn’t answered below, just drop us an email via or call us on 01384 291600 & we will be more than happy to help.

When should I begin looking for my wedding dress?

Most bridal stores will recommend looking no later than 12 months before your wedding, however as our wedding dresses are readily available to buy off the rails, then we don’t need to factor in ordering and delivery times for these dresses. So you can buy your dress and take it home the same day! Therefore, you don’t need to worry about timescales with our gowns. We do have some wedding dresses which are made to order, and these will need to be ordered at least 6-9 months before the wedding.

Do i need an appointment?

We are appointment only. By booking an appointment we can book you into one of our private dressing rooms and assign you a personal stylist. But if you wanted to pop along without an appointment, give us a call beforehand and we can tell you if we will have a dressing room free for you.

How many people can i bring?

Please bring no more than 3 guests with you to your appointment. We know some will want to bring more, but this is the maximum amount your private dressing room can accommodate. Remember there will also be yourself and your stylist in your dressing room, and we don’t want you to be trying dresses on in a cramped space. If you arrive with more than 3 guests they will not be able to be a part of your appointment.

We have been in this business for a long time, and we know that the more people you bring, the harder it is to make your own decisions on what you like and don’t like. Too many different opinions can tar your experience. Bring people who’s opinions matter to you & who will support your choices. Plus why let everyone see the dress before the big day? The more people you bring, the less people it will be a surprise for!

How long are the appointments?

For your first bridal appointment with us you will be allocated a private dressing room for 1.5 hours. For your first prom dress appointment with you, you will have your private dressing room for 1 hour. For other appointments, timings will be decided on depending on the what the appointment is for and how long we think you will need. If there is no one booked in after you we may be able to give you longer once you are here. One thing you can guarantee is you will never be rushed.

What sizes are your dresses?

Our wedding dresses here start at a UK10 & go up to UK24. Remember, high-street sizes are different to bridal sizes, so the size you are on the high-street now will not necessarily be the size you need in a wedding dress.Our Prom dresses start from a size UK 6 and go up to a UK 20

Do you charge for appointments?

Simple answer – Absolutely not!!

Do you do alterations?

Yes, we have a wonderful seamstress here who can transform dresses. Whether it’s just a tuck in here, or shortening a train, or changing the look of a dress, they can do any small or big job. All alterations done to a dress are an extra charge.

How do i book an appointment?

It’s easy! You can call us on 01384 291600, contact us on Facebook or Instagram or use our contact from here

Can i take photos?

You are encouraged to take photos while you are here in store, after all it’s an experience you will want to remember! Our designers however do not allow photos to be taken of their dresses, unless you have purchased it, and so we have to respect this. So feel free to take selfies & photos inside the store, just please not when you are in a dress. Your personal stylist can take a photo of you in the dresses on our IPad and do a split-screen so you can compare yourself in 2 dresses.

What if i want to show someone the dresses who can’t come to the appointment?

If you want people to see you in the dresses who unfortunately could not come to your appointment, you are more than welcome to Facetime or Zoom them, using one of our iPad or your own device.

Do you buy used wedding dresses or prom dresses?

No, we unfortunately don’t buy dresses.

How do i pay?

You can pay in full or in instalments – We do offer payment plans here in store, to ease any pressure of paying lump sums of money. Just ask in store for more information on this and to set up a plan with us.

What do i wear to my appointment?

Anything, as long as you’re wearing undies!! You might prefer to wear a nude or strapless bra, which will look better under the dresses. Just be aware you will not be allowed to try on dresses if you have no knickers on!

For an alterations appointment, you will need to wear the underwear/bra you plan on wearing on your day and you will need to bring the shoes you will be wearing on the day too.

Can i bring children to my appointment?

Absolutely! We love seeing the little ones here in store and love having a cuddle of the teeny tiny ones!! Plus, for the older children, it is such an exciting experience. All we ask is that you are respectful of other brides who will be in store and want a relaxing experience. If any children are misbehaving or acting loudly, we will ask you to remove them from the shop until they have calmed down, which will be a disruption to your own experience.

Do you have a car park?

We don’t have our own carpark, however there are a number of public pay and display carparks near to us. There are also side streets you can park down.

Do you have refreshments?

Yes we offer refreshments during your appointment. We offer hot & cold drinks. You are also welcome to bring a bottle of prosecco with you, ready for that all important ‘YES!!’ to the dress moment. We do kindly ask you don’t bring your own food into the shop, to avoid any damage to the dresses.

Hopefully the answers you are looking for are somewhere on this page. If not, please give us a call on 01384 291600 or contact us via our contact page and we will happily answer any further questions you may have.